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Site Development Inc. has been established under current management for approximately 12 years. Our expected annual gross receipts are $20,000,000.

SDI's primary business activity is residential development, commercial development, large site preparation, and municipal road construction including mass excavation, fine grading, trucking, and underground utilities.

Site Development Inc.

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Site Development

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Projects Record

Site Development Inc. has had zero construction claims in the twelve year history of our company.

We offer an incentive based profit sharing plan for Superintendents which means the project is done right the first time; call backs are not necessary.

SDI has never failed to complete a project on schedule, never assessed liquidated damages nor have we been in litigation or arbitration with a client or subcontractor.

We are a team fully committed to always exceeding the expectations of our client as well as those of others affected by our work. We have chosen to establish and develop relationships upon a shared focus on safety, quality, and teamwork in an atmosphere of integrity and trust. This attitude shall also extend to our employees, suppliers, and subcontractors.

SDI is a member in the following associations:

Industry Associations
  • AGC Member
  • AGC Safety Team Member
  • BIAW Return on Industrial Insurance Program Participant
Signatory Unions
  • Power Equipment Operators Local 612
  • Laborers Local 252
  • Carpenters Local 470

SDI is 100% Drug Free!

Safety is an attitude; accidents and injuries are always preventable. SDI combines well trained construction professionals with a no-tolerance drug free workplace to create the safest working environment this industry can offer. Our proactive approach continues to protect our people, as well as those around us, and has lead to the following accomplishments:

  • Proactive AGC Safety Team member
  • Full time Safety Support Officer and dedicated Safety Support van
  • Dynamic Safety Committee comprised of nonsupervisory SDI employees
  • 100% comprehensive drug testing program
  • Comprehensive site specific safety plan for each project
  • Onsite safety meetings at least once a week
  • 2007 AGC Safety Team Award for Top 25 Lowest EMR
  • 2007 L&I experience factor .6000

SDI owns several machines that are equipped with a GPS system and onboard computer. This combination is used to control grading operations more precisely than a human operator has ever been able in the past. The GPS-equipped machines make one pass over an area when older means and methods required several. The system enables our crews to perform mass cuts and fills while simultaneously fine grading the same area. By combining these two functions, critical time is cut out of the construction schedule on every project.

The rover pack gives our grade engineer immediate cut/ fill information at every spot on the project. For this reason, SDI operations require far less surveying, a cost savings we pass on to each client. Having immediate access to cut/ fill information at every spot on the project means that all slopes from toe to top are built correctly the first time. It also means that storm detention ponds and other dramatic site contours are built 100% per design the first time.

Site Development, Inc.

Did You Know?

SDI has never failed to complete a project on schedule, we have never assessed liquidated damages, and we have never been in litigation or arbitration with a client or subcontractor.